Great makeshift #outdoor #party light idea. Get a glow stock, break, and insert into a mason jar filled with water. #craft

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Gotta have a night like this with my friends for the perfect last summer before college.

Put glow sticks in water bottles for outdoor night time bowling. I want to do this when Nathan comes down to Palacios! That would be such a cute date idea.

Glow-In-The-Dark Baseball! The Greatest Game Ever Played! | How Does She...

88. Pour water into a mason jar and add a glow stick. Place jars around pools, patios, or sidewalks during you next late night get together. Source.

Here's a fun game: Put small glow sticks in plastic eggs then hide them around the campsite once night falls!

Put Glow Stick In Bottom Of Bowl Great For Late Night Drinks Around Bomb Fire

For camping or late nights at the beach...Leave 1/4 of Mountain Dew in bottle (just dont drink it all), add a tiny bit of baking soda and 3 caps of peroxide. Put the lid on and shake -walla! Homemade glow stick!!! 48 Glow Stick Party Cups (16-18 oz): They glow in the dark good for finding your cup late night :)

Glow Party Pack | Glow in the Dark Party Pack | 12 Person | Glowsource Hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaahhahahahahahahaha we would never sleep!

Arts and crafts would be super cute at a party, or out at the beach a late summer night. :*

You can use an old whiskey or wine bottle, fill it up with water, and put a highlighter cartridge in it, it lights up forever!! Unique lighting people!!

These adorable bugs are made from plastic Easter eggs and LED tea lights.

My kids would LOVE this in the EBD room!

Make a glow in the dark hula hoop using glow necklaces ---and this would be great for night photography, too!

Glow sticks in water give off an aura at night!

10 awesome glow stick ideas for kids! Design Dazzle #glowsticks

Glow in the Dark Bubbles...