8 Ball Water Tower Tipton, Missouri my brother and I grew up in Tipton Mo. My family owned the Schmidt Lumber Co.

Eight Ball Water Tower, Tipton, Missouri

The 8 Ball Water Tower In Tipton, Missouri

eight ball water tower, tipton missouri

Pensacola Beach "Beach Ball" Water Tower

Eight Ball Water Tower

Tipton Missouri

soccer ball water tower

Crown Center In Kansas City, Missouri

Main Office, Southwestern Bell Telephone, Kansas City, MO, 1919, Original Plan. Henry F. Hoit.

Penguin Park - Giant Penguin..... Kansas City, Missouri

Golf Ball Water Tower

Penguin Park - Kangaroo..... Kansas City, Missouri OMG! Loved this park!

I-70 Drive-in.....Kansas City, Missouri

Library In Kansas City, Missouri

Sinclair Station Dinosaur ...Kansas City, Missouri I remember this as a kid.

The Blue Room in Kansas City, Mo

Water Tower.

Pioneer Statue in Kansas City MO

Kansas City Power and Light Building, Kansas City, Missouri

Penguin Park, Kansas City, MO. Spent so much time here as a kid. I can't wait to take Evie