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  • Meagan Moore

    Make some signs together and notes on reflection. Research the concept of mirror images - maybe mirror each others movements more.

  • K€!!¥ @'~>~~

    Mirror Lake Sign

  • Rua Lupa

    Suspended Forest - A Place for Reflection ^_^

  • emanuela

    Mirror Lake, Louisiana. Water clear and reflective as glass.

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Someday.....cajun I come. It's actually doable. If only I can talk someone into going with me.

Swamp | After the hallway of doors scene, Alice finds herself in a swamp. She observes her surroundings from the swamp for a bit and realizes that she is not alone. From a nearby tree, she sees an unusual bird staring at her. Alice thinks nothing of the bird at first, until it spoke. Shocked, Alice responds to the bird and the bird immediately beings correcting Alice's vocabulary. Bothered by the bird, Alice quickly walks away and the bird begins screaming dark, disturbing facts at Alice.

Palmetto's in the swamp. It grows all over.

And on the other side of those doors he turns into a WWII air man. what not.

Riverside, Michoacan, Mexico. I love photos of trees and I'm not sure why!

Cypress, Lake Martin, near Lafayette, Louisiana, 2011, photo by Steve Pierce

Okefenokee Swamp also has a foot in Florida. Spreading over 438,000 acres, it is the largest peat-based swamp in North America and among the largest such swamps worldwide. Its original name means both "bubbling water" and "trembling earth" in the now extinct Hitichi language and was applied partly because of its spongy bogs.

Green -- When I think of green, I don't just think of the concept of "being" green, I think of why many make the effort to "be" green: To keep places like this around, and thriving.

Sauris Lake in northern Italy

Mountain Fuji, Lake Yamanaka, Yamanashi, Japan The Asian countries are so amazingly beautiful... so so so much beauty ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥