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See What Happens When You Drink Water Right After You Wake Up

According to the Japanese tradition, drinking water on an empty stomach (drinking eater when you wake up) has a wide range of health benefits.




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Free Diet Plans at

I got healthy and happy via @SparkPeople. Check out to learn how they can help meet your goals.

Three simple liver-detoxing drinks that flush toxins from your liver and eliminate belly fat

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52 Healthy Habits: #1 Stay Hydrated


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Sore? Sick? Sleepy? The Right Drink For Every Situation

Drinks for different health issues

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4 Reasons Why You Should Drink More Water

Drink more water! It helps your weight loss!

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8 cups of water a day will

water, water, water

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Timing Water Consumption for Optimal Benefits

Make sure you are not just drinking water, but you are also timing your consumption for optimal benefits.

Drink Water! Helps to detox all the toxins when u wrap drink at least half your body weight in ounces to get best results

Life Hack: drink more water! Health starts with regular hydration. Especially during the hotter months. Power your body with 0 nitrates and 4 distinct minerals. Aquaçai natural artesian water comes from nature's purest source.

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Best Times of Day to Drink Water. {Infographic}

While some of us are disciplined enough to hydrate our body regularly, the vast majority of us fail to replenish our water sources at the right time.