Water-recycling toilet and sink combo #viqua

So adorable. I love the metal work here! Check out our tiny house at: www.tinyhousegiantjourney.com

13 innovative water saving concept and product designs 341x480 Arquitectura y diseño sostenible

great stairway for tiny house

In small houses with small bathrooms, the question always rises (at least in my mind): Where to put the toilet? This is an attractive, creative option.

tiny kitchen unit for a tiny home

Hidden TV: Great for Tiny Homes? | Tiny House Pins or -- the picture on the backside of the TV looks better on the wall

Built on an 8- by 20-foot trailer, with three feet added for the back porch, the house features 10 windows and an all-glass door to opening up the small interior space to the outdoors to feel less claustrophobic and more connected to the surroundings. Designed and built by Alek himself for about $30,000, he is now selling construction plans so others can can build a house of their own to the same specs.

The toilet sink combo is made by Sink Positive and it’s a great inexpensive add-on sink for a lot of toilets. Although acrylic, it works qui...

Corner Sink for tiny bathroom - way too expensive, but maybe there are cheaper ones out there?

a must do for any tiny house plan


~Look at this Tiny House from a upcycled silo...you have to check out the pictures of the inside...just amazing!


Soap dish

#reforma #baño pequeño con sanitarios de esquina, paredes y suelo de gresite y mosaico en color gris.

tiny home layout

Tiny house "dining room"

Absolutely loving these colors and all of this gorgeous texture!

tiny house bathroom - water-saving-sink-and-toilet-combo-by-caroma-large