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    Tri-tip Steak_ Common Names: Tri-Tip Steak_ Description: Steaks cut from a tri-tip roast (typically a 3-pound roast). Lean, tender and boneless. Rich beef flavor and great value. Cooking Methods: Broiling Grilling Sauteing_ Choose a Different Cut_

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New Steak Cuts —Tender & full of beefy flavor, Denver Steak, cut from chuck, is perfect for grilling. Shoulder Clod yields several new cuts, including Ranch Steak, good for marinating & grilling, & succulent Shoulder Petite Tender can be tied & roasted like a tenderloin. (The Round Petite Tender-a similar cut from the round.) The tougher Braison, from the heel of the round, is best for braising, the flavorful Merlot Cut, from the side of the heel, is a lean, versatile steak, good for everything!

The New Butcher's Steaks Are Cheap, Flavorful, & Ready for the Grill _ Ask Your Butcher For These Cheap Cuts of Steak. They may go by other names, but you'll be able to find any of these five true butcher's cuts at a butcher near you! FAUX HANGER, ENTRAÑA, OYSTER, TOP CAP, & SHOULDER TENDER |

New Steak Cuts _ The most exercised parts of a steer—the shoulder (known as the chuck) & the hind leg (the round)—can be the most flavorful. But because of their heavy use, these muscles can be tough. Thankfully, the beef industry is beginning to learn what many butchers have long known: That embedded in, those muscles are cuts worthy of attention—hence these delicious new steaks that have recently started appearing in markets! | SAVEUR

Shopping for Steak? Here Are the 4 Cuts of Steak You Should Know — Meat Basics _ 1. Tenderloin: Other names: Filet mignon, Châteaubriand, fillet, filet. 2. New York Strip: Other names: Strip, Manhattan, Kansas City strip, top sirloin, top loin, contre-filet. 3. T-Bone: Other names: Porterhouse. 4. Ribeye: Other names: Entrecôte, Delmonico, Scotch fillet, Spencer, market, beauty.

6 Cuts of Steak _ Here's a pocket guide that carnivores can really sink their teeth into!

Porterhouse Fiorentina Steak by Flannery Beef at Gilt _ known in the US as Porterhouse, represents the crowned jewel of the steak hierarchy. Combine a New York Strip and Filet Mignon, with a three-inch cut, for the ultimate red meat experience. Don’t let the overwhleming size fool you; this cut is fork tender and should come with a sushi grade.

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Beef Made Easy Chart

Beef Made Easy Chart _ This Chart is a tiny bit easier to read, than my last Pin of this.

Chart - Best cooking methods for Cuts of Beef

Cuts of Steak - A Pocket Guide _ 1) TOP ROUND (AKA London Broil) 2) RIB EYE (AKA Delmonico steak) 3) FILET MIGNON (AKA Tenderloin steak) 4) T-BONE 5) SKIRT STEAK (AKA Fajita steak) 6) STRIP LOIN (AKA Strip steak; New York Strip steak; Shell steak).

Beef Shank From Wikipedia _ The shank (or leg) portion of a steer or heifer. In Britain the corresponding cuts of beef are the shin (the foreshank), & the leg (the hindshank). It tends to be tough, dry, and sinewy, so is best when cooked for a long time in moist heat. It is an ideal cut to use for beef bourguignon. As it is very lean, it is widely used to prepare very low-fat ground beef. It is not often seen in shops. If found in retail, it is very cheap & a low-cost ingredient for beef stock.

Top Secret Tips From Anne_ Anne Burrell shares her best ideas from the current season of Secrets of a Restaurant Chef._Secrets to Beef Brisket_ When buying brisket from the market, make sure to ask the butcher for the first cut. The brisket is generally broken down into two cuts, first and second. The first cut is a thicker and more consistent piece of meat. It also has a better fat-to-meat ratio that allows for even cooking and a very tender end result.

Ground Beef_ Common Names: Ground Beef_ Description: A combination of cuts from the chuck, round and sirloin. Can be used in a variety of recipes and cooking methods. Cooking Methods: Baking Broiling Grilling Sauteing_ Choose a Different Cut_

Ball Tip Steak_ Common Names: Ball Tip Steak_ Description: A very economical steak that is great for grilling. This is a regional cut that is very popular in Michigan. Marinate before grilling. Cooking Methods: Braising Marinate before Grilling_ Choose a Different Cut_

Beef for Stew_ Common Names: Stew Beef_ Description: Typically cut from the round. May come from any cut except the shank or top round. Cooking Methods: Braising_ Choose a Different Cut_

Cubed Steak_ Common Names: Cube Steak_ Description: A whole-muscle cut that is mechanically tenderized. Cooking Methods: Broiling Sauteing_ Choose a Different Cut_

Beef Kabob_ Common Names: Beef for Kabobs_ Description: Commonly cut from the sirloin, but can come from any tender cut. Cooking Methods: Broiling Grilling Marinate before Grilling_ Choose a Different Cut_

Denver Cut_ Common Names: Underblade Steak_ Description: Juicy, tender and well-marbled; has a rich, beefy taste. Flavorful and tender. Cooking Methods: Broiling Marinate before Grilling Sauteing_ Choose a Different Cut_

Fajita Beef_ Common Names: Fajita Beef_ Fajita Strips_ Description: Can be cut from skirt steak, flank steak, top round and top sirloin steak. Usually marinated before cooking. Cooking Methods: Grilling Sauteing_ Choose a Different Cut_

Filet of Strip_ Common Names: Kansas City Steak_ Manhattan Steak_ New York Strip_ Shell Steak_ Description: A thicker cut of strip steak. Lean, tender and flavorful. Prepare similar to filet mignon. Cooking Methods: Broiling Grilling Sauteing_ Choose a Different Cut_

Strip Steak_ Common Names: Kansas City Steak_ Manhattan Steak_ New York Strip_ Shell Steak_ Description: Lean, tender and full-flavored. Available boneless and bone-in. Quick-cooking. Fine-grained with sturdy texture. Cooking Methods: Broiling Grilling Sauteing_ Choose a Different Cut_

Ball Tip Roast_ Common Names: Ball Tip Roast_ Ball Tip Steaks_ Description: A very economical roast with an average size of three pounds. Comes from the bottom sirloin. Versatile cut with great flavor. Cooking Methods: Braising_ Roasting Choose a Different Cut_

Chuck Roast_ Common Names: Description: Large, flat-shaped pieces typically cut 2 to 2 1/2 -inch thick. Requires moist heat cooking to soften and tenderize. Robust beefy flavor. Cooking Methods: Braising_ Choose a Different Cut_

Chuck Short Ribs_ Common Names: Chuck Ribs_ Description: Flavorful, tender and juicy; can be cut long or short, or boneless. Cooking Methods: Braising_ Choose a Different Cut_