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I'm not lonely though, most of the time. I get so sick of the "dumbed down" people, I'd prefer to be alone. I'm very happy, that way I don't have to take part in the phony stuff that is a part of socializing. I'm fine w/o the rubbish that I see, and I'll take my own company together with my dogs/cat. and I feel quite content. Most of all, I don't feel I owe anyone an "explanation!"

Level 10 Life - 100 Goals in 10 Areas of Focus

We all --- The World --- LOST this Treasure, Mr Presley, the same year My Way sung by him, and by no one else, topped the charts at a rate which .NO. other person singing it, ever, ranked ! I was busy with a toddler and pregnant with yet another: THIS --- Mr Presley's precious version --- existed then, specifically for ... ... MY WAY.