Rooster collage from recycled boxes.

I think these may be yellow foam chicken shapes with patterned tissue paper bodies, feather tails, felt combs, but I really don't recognize the eyes (which are great) glued to the front of their 'nest' box

Art Projects for Kids: How to Draw a Rooster

More fun kid collage ideas

Handprint rooster- good group activity.

la grande soaz: arts visuels à l'école maternelle

Practice with scale and line art


Torn paper collage card

" SENOR ROOSTER " Whimsical Rooster Painting by Annie Lane Folk Art

(2014-01) ... en høne og kyllinger

how to draw projects from @Art Projects for Kids

Art Projects for Kids

Art Projects for Kids

Art Projects for Kids


recycled cereal boxes...could weave strips also

watercolor flowers

Peacock drawing

Art Projects for Kids: Marker Line Leaves

Using ads, cereal boxes to make city collages.