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Mycroft. He was even better in the empty hearse

If that isnt actually a painting of Mr. Gatiss, it sure as heck looks like one. Check out the website

How do people not worship Mark Gatiss he's a cinematic genius I mean the Baskervilles episode was like 99000% underlying metaphor I guess he's kind of an arse sometimes but come on

~That's not gonna work on me this time, Gatiss. You being adorable will not erase the heartache you've wrought!~<----Shhh it's his troll face.

Everybody should love Mark Gatiss :D<<< THIS GUY IS LIKE...WOW...

Totally epic painting of Mark Gatiss!

Mark Gatiss - one of the world's most brilliant writers. To you sir, i say "Thank you." As I read more and more about the subtleties in this show and his writing, I am just blown away. I really can't wait for even more and then the months spent afterwards analyzing the hell out of it. :)