quiet moments

Did this as a of growing up on lake. Looking at the sky the clouds trying to figure life out. ~ TBE

a t . t h e . l a k e

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Let's spend a night on the beach, swimming, watching the sun set, stargazing, and just laughing because we are together again.

❤️ Summer sunset on the dock with the crickets chirping and the lake water lapping against the shore #loveit

By myself


Moment: Quiet. The colors in this picture make it seem calm. The girl is in a quiet place by herself

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In the woods.

Autumn lake sunset. absolutely beautiful! http://media-cache8.pinterest.com/upload/45317539970473661_aHwhZmyg_f.jpg cjacobs2 favorite places spaces

I have a NEED for this!.....and I pick the middle of Blue Mtn Lake. :)

Surfs up #summer #sea #ocean #beach #waves


living by a lake. with views like this? yes, please.