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    "Hope you have a good smile today." - photographer Tim Halverson

    A bear cub just relaxing against a tree among the watery meadows of the Taiga forest in FInland

    **Bear cubs ♥. (KO) Waiting for Mama. Thinking about dinner, naughtiness and nap time. It's what bear cubs do.

    Bear on a hill, rainbow above, she always nursed a small mad hope -Vladimir Nabokov, Pale Fire

    Cade's Cove- memorable moment when a bear cub ran in front of our car. So cute. 2012

    Spain hosts the largest wildlife park of Europe: Cabarceno. The bears in the park live in a fantastic scenery, with large rocks and cliffs, in which they climb and wander around alot. This one seems to be really at ease while being on a high rock watching the surroundings. Photographer: Mark Leeman

    Did I really need to eat all the fish in the pond? Eurasian brown bear, Finland

    Aww, this makes me want a pet Adelicia Acklen...

    Not all bears are created one color, there's brown, white/cream,'s almost like humans, huh, imagine not creating everything one color...get out the brown box, is full of color, enjoy the variety.

    seeing baby animals in the wild is very poignant - their short time with Mama is the only kindness they will know. The rest of their life will be filled with the horror of living in the wild - constantly killing or being killed, tearing their living food to death.