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    • Amy Prutton

      Colton Dixon . . . You Are. LOVE THIS SONG. wedding song? :P

    • Landon Pegram

      my favorite song!! I love it!

    • Maria Acosta

      K-LOVE - Colton Dixon You Are LIVE/ Christian & Gospel, Music, Rock, Adult Alternative, Singer/Songwriter, Contemporary

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    Finding Favour - Cast My Cares - "This war's not what I would have chosen. But You see the future no one knows yet. And You're still good when I can't see the working of your hands You're holding it all. I will cast my cares on You. You're the anchor of my hope, the only one who's in control. I will cast my cares on You. I'll trade the troubles of this world for Your peace inside my soul. I'm finding there's freedom, when I lay it all on your shoulders.

    BEAUTIFUL! "Spirit Break Out" Dance - "Our Father, all of Heaven roars Your name. Sing louder, let this place erupt with praise. Can you hear it, the sound of Heaven touching Earth? Spirit break out, break our walls down. Spirit break out Heaven come down. King Jesus You're the name we're lifting high. Your glory shaking up the earth and skies. Revival we wanna see Your kingdom here. We wanna see Your kingdom here!"

    BELIEVE - Brooks & Dunn - "I raise my hands, bow my head I'm finding more and more truth in the words written in red. They tell me that there's more to life than just what i can see. I can't quote the book, the chapter or the verse, you can't tell me it all ends in a slow ride in a hearse. You know I'm more and more convinced the longer that I live, yeah, this can't be, no, this can't be all there is. I believe."

    Amazing powerful performance of "Nothing But The Blood of Jesus" What can wash away my sin? Nothing but the blood of Jesus. Oh precious is the flow, that make white as snow, no other fount I know, nothing but the blood of Jesus.

    Let Celtic Thunder take you to church with this powerful version of ‘Amazing Grace':

    Prodigal - Sidewalk Prophets - "It's been a long time since you felt peace In the valley you made where you're not meant to be. don't you forget that you're headed to more, but you've settled for less, don't buy the lie “it's as good as it gets”. The same feet that left you lost and alone, are the very same feet that can bring you back home.Wherever you are, whatever you did, it's a page in your book, but it isn't the end. Your Father will meet you - Come running like a prodigal!"

    THE CROSS HAS MADE YOU FLAWLESS! MercyMe - Flawless (Official Music Video) "No matter the bumps, No matter the bruises, No matter the scars, Still the truth is The cross has made The cross has made you flawless. No matter the hurt, or how deep the wound is, no matter the pain, still the truth is the cross has made you flawless!"

    Francesca Battistelli - Holy Spirit - "There's nothing worth more, that could ever come close, no thing can compare, You're our living hope. Your presence, Lord. I've tasted and seen of the sweetest of loves, where my heart becomes free and my shame is undone. Your presence, Lord. Holy Spirit, You are welcome here, come flood this place and fill the atmosphere. Your glory, God, is what our hearts long for, to be overcome by Your presence, Lord!"

    Beautiful! Touch The Sky- "What treasure waits within Your scars, this gift of freedom gold can't buy. I bought the world & sold my heart. You traded heaven to have me again. My heart beating, my soul breathing. I found my life when I laid it down. Upward falling, spirit soaring, I touch the sky when my knees hit the ground. Find me here at Your feet again, everything I am, reaching out, I surrender. Come sweep me up in Your love again, & my soul will dance on the wings of forever."

    THIS WILL BLESS YOU! "The Maker" -Chris August - "I see You in the sunrise, I see You in the rain, I see You in the laughter, I feel You through the pain. Everything that You have made is beautiful. Oh, my God, I can't believe my eyes. But in all of this to think that You would think of me, makes my heart come alive. Your love is like a mighty fire deep inside my bones.... And I never have to wonder if somebody cares for me. I love the Maker and the Maker loves me."

    "What If" Nichole Nordeman -"What if you're right & He was just another nice guy. What if it's true? They say the cross will only make a fool of you...What if He takes His place in history with all the prophets & kings who taught us love & came in peace but then the story ends, what then? But what if you're wrong? What if there's more? What if there's hope you never dreamed of hoping for? What if you jump? Just close your eyes. What if the arms that catch you, catch you by surprise?

    Video - BEBO NORMAN "The Broken" Lately I swear this world is just a maze to me. My eyes are blinded by the things I see that are tearing us all apart. So, God of the universe Do you hear the cries that pour out from all the earth? Can Your hands of glory reach down and heal the hurt of the broken? And God of eternal things will you give us eyes to see all the light You bring? Will you be the voice that causes our hearts to sing for the broken?

    How Great Is Our God In Hebrew, Simply Beautiful.

    BEAUTIFUL! This will bless you :) Sarah Reeves version of '10,000 Reasons'. spoke straight to my heart... "The sun comes up, it's a new day dawning, It's time to sing Your song again. Whatever may pass, and whatever lies before me, let me be singing when the evening comes. Bless the Lord, O my soul, O my soul. Worship His holy name Sing like never before, O my soul. I'll worship Your holy name,"

    Amazing Grace - The Band Perry. "Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me. I once was lost but now am found, was blind, but now I see. T'was Grace that taught my heart to fear and Grace, my fears relieved. How precious did that Grace appear the hour I first believed. The Lord has promised good to me. His word my hope secures. He will my shield and portion be, As long as life endures."

    "Ain't No Grave" Crowder. "Oh my Lord it's a winding road, it's all bent from a heavy load. Feel the weight beneath the ground. Ain't no grave gonna hold me down. Lord I'm crooked from head to toe, got dirty hands and a dirty soul. I was lost but now I'm found Roll that stone I won't be found. I will rise, I will rise... Ain't no grave gonna hold me down."

    Broken Vessels - Hillsong "All these pieces, broken & scattered in mercy gathered, mended & whole, empty handed but not forsaken. I've been set free I've been set free... Oh I can see it now, Oh I can see the love in Your eyes. Laying yourself down, Raising up the broken to life You take our failure, You take our weakness You set Your treasure In jars of clay. So take this heart, Lord. I'll be Your vessel, the world to see Your love in me."

    Kerrie Roberts - No Matter What - "I’m running back to Your promises one more time, Lord that’s all I can hold on to, I’ve gotta say this has taken me by surprise, but nothing surprises You. Before a heartache can ever touch my life, it has to go through Your hands, & even though I, keep asking why, I keep asking why, No matter what, I’m gonna love You, no matter what I’m gonna need You, I know that You can find a way to keep me from the pain but if not,if not, I’ll trust you, no matter what"

    for King & Country - Shoulders - "When confusion's my companion, and despair holds me for ransom, I will feel no fear I know that You are near. When I'm caught deep in the valley, with chaos for my company, I'll find my comfort here 'cause I know that You are near. My help comes from You. You're right here, pulling me through. You carry my weakness, my sickness, my brokenness all on Your shoulders.

    7eventh Time Down – The One I'm Running To - Tonight I’m gonna fix my eyes on the only Hope who satisfies my heart. You are the One I’m running to Everything that’s good and right and true, Jesus, I’m coming after who You are, You are the One I’m running to!

    JUST SAY JESUS 7eventh Time Down - Life gets tough, & times get hard, it's hard to find the truth in all the lies. If you're tired of wondering why your heart isn't healing...when you don't know what to say, just say Jesus. There is power in the name of Jesus... Just say Jesus. Whisper it now, or shout it out. However it comes out, He hears your cry! Out of nowhere He will come, you got to believe it. He will rescue you, just call out to the Way, The Truth, The Light!

    Wow! You'll love this version of "Little Drummer Boy" performed using just the human voice by Sing-Off Champs, Pentatonix.

    Wow! Beautiful video. Hallelujah - (Play in Full Screen) I've heard about this baby boy, who's come to earth to bring us joy, and I just want to sing this song to you... With every breath I'm singing Hallelujah. Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah

    This will bless you! Craig Wayne Boyd: "The Old Rugged Cross" On a hill far away stood an old rugged cross, the emblem of suffering and shame; and I love that old cross where the dearest and best for a world of lost sinners was slain. So I'll cherish the old rugged cross, 'till my trophies at last I lay down; I will cling to the old rugged cross, and exchange it some day for a crown.

    The Digital Age - Break Every Chain - There is power in the name of Jesus! There is power in the name of Jesus! There is power in the name of Jesus! To break every chain, break every chain, break every chain! There's an army rising up to break every chain!