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Book page poetry is really neat and a great way to show creativity with older kids. This is an interesting way to teach poetry..

Holly V, elementary Art teacher says, "Calligrams are a type of poem where words or phrases are arranged to make a visual image. For this project... students draw an animal and a background. Instead of coloring it in...had the students color with words. that relate to the object. They could use single words, or full sentences." 5th grade: colored pencils or markers.

A few days ago I posted a fractured art idea. I had a go at creating an example for my relief folder, & also to see how long it would take to complete! After scrunching the paper, & starting to trace over the lines, I decided to cut the A4 paper in half! It took 30 min to trace the lines & about 45 min to colour in. Not as long as I thought it would take! Plus that time included helping my little boy with his own cutting, glueing & colouring project.

Each child got a list, clip board, pencil and one flash card (on a headband). Then the students roamed around the room reading sight words. They drew a line from their peer's name to the sight word they read off their peer's forehead. Such a cute idea. Love this idea... its like playing Clue and it can be used for any subject really... not just sight words! Definitely doing this in my classroom!

from Our Three Peas

50 ways to practice spelling words

50 ways to practice spelling words - Our Three Peas

WORD OF THE WEEK ORGANIZER - extension for word of the week...can use the word of the week for transitions, this would be a good addition. (INDIRECT LINK from blog to Word of the Week sheet)