Word Pointillism - - looks fun for older elementary, too!

Poetry idea

.How fun is this?

Holly V, elementary Art teacher says, "Calligrams are a type of poem where words or phrases are arranged to make a visual image. For this project... students draw an animal and a background. Instead of coloring it in...had the students color with words. that relate to the object. They could use single words, or full sentences." 5th grade: colored pencils or markers.

After learning about land forms students can better visualize them by coloring a chart to keep with them. (Physical Geography)

Book page poetry is really neat and a great way to show creativity with older kids. This is an interesting way to teach poetry..

Super creative craft project for kids. Make aluminum foil sculptures and draw their shadows in the background. Fun rainy day activity.

2nd Grade "Tree Silhouette" paintings. Elementary Art. Tempera over charcoal. Art teacher Jennifer Lipsey Edwards

Art School for Kids Art Videos of the Masters

Word Art. Middle School Project.

August Back to School Door Display--this would be fun to do: decoratet the apt door as a fun activity to mark the beginning of each quarter....make it seasonal....too cute!

Free Boggle Template. Make a new game every time!

What to do when they're done poster!

Brain Breaks can be just what you need to help wake up the brain and body! {Free Printable with 30 ideas to get blood pumping and improve focus!} fun little breaks that get pulled out at random times to wake up lethargic brains and bodies!

Fun word game!

space art - science+art

Primary Classroom Display Ideas - VCOP (Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation)

An idea to promote kindness in the classroom

Some great elementary art projects.

great questions for an art history critique

FREE Marzano Vocabulary Cootie Catcher~ Use to review vocabulary words. Students will say and spell words, as well as provide synonyms, part of speech, definitions, and sentences using the word. Easy, fun and reusable!