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How to Get Organized

i work in pjs. exercise in pjs, hang out in pjs. LIVE in pjs.

Drugs aren't helping! Bwahahaha! > Switch to beer, Switch to beer... no, sorry that's a song I heard on Bob and Tom...

"i usually try to keep my sadness pent up inside where it can fester quietly as a mental illness." but you really shouldn't trust the crazies.

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I need to remember this for next time I'm arguing. umm I mean explaining

HAHAHAHA. Rough week. Even had to have my belly rubbed LOL

Warning: Due to influence of hormones I could burst into tears or kill you in the next 5 minutes. oh isn't that the truth ;

To be quickly followed by, "And those are pantyhose ... not leggings."

I hate when a girl assumes that since a shirt goes down to the middle of their butt cheeks, that this makes it a dress! And don't get me strayed on girls wearing leggings as pants!

Funny...but true.

Hate is a strong word, but thought this was funny! I don't really hate anyone!


Shockingly Funny Ads Pepsi ads in bulding hehe yes. Funny, mine should read, "The house was clean an hour ago. Sorry you missed it.

Oops! Haha facial expressions give it away need to remeber LOL

This is so me lol. I "roll my eyes out loud" all the time!