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Thigh tattoo my number 6

Thigh tattoo my number 6

What These 24 Women Were Caught On Camera Doing Is Truly Unforgettable. -   Misc

The one with and the Jewish and Muslim women were unbelievable. It's truly humbling to see that despite religious intolerance, they're still people that see past that, that understand that we are all fundamentally human and deserved to be treated as such.

Perfect for Grey wolves series

77 Small and Chic Tattoo Design Ideas

Check Out the 15 Amazing Wolf Tattoos Design Inspiration latest collection to this year. you get inspired Wolf Tattoos Design.Enjoy this year.

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Morocco Most countries are now facing the challenge of how to support and care for a larger proportion of elderly among their populations. An elderly woman in Khemisset Province of Morocco.UN Photo/John Isaac

This is what experience gets you - fun at any age. May we all live long enough to experience itz

Older people have fun too :). I wanna be like this

. Dreamcatchers originated with the Ojibwe people and were later adopted by some neighboring nations through intermarriage and trade. It wasn’t until the Pan-Indian Movement of the 1960s and 1970s, that they were adopted by Native Americans of a number of different nations. Some consider the dreamca…

Dreamcatcher Tattoos

My thin blue line tattoo with my boyfriends badge number (im a cop too). ♥♥

My thin blue line tattoo with my boyfriends badge number (im a cop too).

The Tatoo Industry, infographic by Mike Faille, Jack Edminton, Alex Vijov | National Post

This is Visual Journalism [29

stablercake: sweetrivertree: proctalgia: this is important As someone who works at a tattoo shop, I can say this is pretty accurate for those who are interested If the wrist is not among the most painful I am never getting a tattoo in those red places