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The cruiser SMS Hertha of the German Imperial Navy, in the Kowloon Docks, British Hong Kong, August 1900. At the turn of the century Germany was rapidly becoming a concern for Britain as the newly unified nation (1871) rose to prominence particularly at sea. Tensions rose in 1911 when a German gunboat was positioned off the coast of Morocco following deployment of French troops into the interior of the country. The second Moroccan Crisis followed.

German victory parade in Paris. Before they entered, National Guards removed large numbers of cannons away from the Germans' path and store them in 'safe' districts. This was to be one of the factors leading to the Paris Commune. The killing of 2 French generals by soldiers of the Communes National Guard and the refusal to accept the authority of the French government led to harsh suppression by the regular French army in 'the Bloody Week' beginning 21 May 1871. -

7 Ways That World War I Could Have Started Before 1914

March 1905, the German delegation marches through Tangiers, the visit which sparked a major international crisis with talk of war between Germany and France, with the possibility that Britain might join France. At the height of the crisis, the rumors of war in France were so serious that men purchased vast quantities of socks and boots in preparation for mobilization. The French even cancelled all military leave. Eventually, the Algeciras Conference was held to settle the dispute.

High School Student, Cologne, 1926 August Sander (German, 1876–1964) (via Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of Art)