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WWI: Four Canadian Highlanders smile as they walk along a muddy path away from the front lines. Kilts and bare knees can be seen beneath the veneer of mud. The three soldiers on the right wear respirator bags slung across their chests; all four wear the popular sleeveless leather jerkin. - Found via Canada at War

from Diana Overbey

Trench construction in World War I

A trench flooded with water which lead to soldiers receiving trench foot. The water would stay in these trenches for days.

Three soldiers, perched on a pile of sandbags in a corner of a muddy, sandbag walled trench, hold up a copy of the Evening Times showing the headline which fills the front page: '5th S.R. in the trenches: Honoured by the King'.

WWI, 3-11 Nov 1916, Somme, The Battle of Ancre Heights. Canadian troops returning from the trenches pass pack mules loaded with ammunition on a muddy road to a forward area. ©IWM

The First Battle of Ypres (October 30 - November 24, 1914) started the "Race to Sea", where opposing sides tried to outflank each other. The Allied troops were outnumbered and surrounded by the the Germans. They managed to occupy the "Ypres salient", but civilians casualties were common, as the city was shelled daily. When winter came, conditions became too muddy and rainy for any battle to continue and the battle was ended. The picture above shows wounded soldiers at the first Battle of…