What are you celebrating? Christ-mas or Santa-mas? ~C.M. Rogers

♡❤ #Cakes ❤♡ ♥ ❥ orange butterfly cake; Maybe reds and yellows and only two layers or even just one

It's Christmas... Jesus birthday. However, this guy seems to take all the glory. It's Christ-mas.... not Santa-mas. Santamas is for none Christians....think about what you do! ~C.M. Rogers

Black White Wedding Cakes on we heart it / visual bookmark #11413050

Now that is a Birthday Cake for Jesus!!! Happy Birthday Jesus cake...we used to make a happy birthday jesus cake every year for christmas when we were little..

Casa dos passarinhos


Eggnog french toast, a Christmas morning tradition.

Jesus Cakes AWESOME

Peppermint White Russians! Drink for Xmas Eve

Sydney Easter Show 2012 entry. Life of Jesus cake.

Happy Birthday Jesus! (Cupcake Cake for a Mother's Day Out Class)

great cake



Wow, love this cake

Yes, it's a cake!!!

Halloween Cake


OMG! For the love of cake!