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Just an update video. I will have something for you all next week. Intro artwork drawn in GIMP: Animation and video editing composed in Blender: Royalty free intro music: "Welcome to Chaos" by Ross Bugden -

In this update video I explain the reason for the lack of gameplay video and explain my current computer setup.

New video up! I give a tour of my mansion and show the entrance to my castle! Hope you guys like the video! Please like and subscribe to my channel to stay up to date with my videos! ^-^ I plan on undergoing a 3D animation project, so stay tuned for that!

Hey! In this video I talk about my new project working in the Blender Game Engine. Project is underway and I hope will be up soon. I will keep you guys posted!

I know it's been awhile, but here's another Let's Play! I play Elder Scrolls Online and make my way about Tamriel! Enjoy the video!

This game demo is the first video where I take you inside my game and walk you through what I have made so far! There will be a lot more to come! This is an ongoing project meant solely to entertain. Feedback is appreciated and encouraged. Thx!

Here's the start of the game's development videos! I take you through the design process as I lay out the base of our game world.