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Cool sign, not actually Ad but creativity deserves to be on this board. NO P IN OOL

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They should've had this sign up at our last vacation stop. A huge coconut fell in front of our could've knocked someone out. I snagged it, we got someone to machete it open for us, and we ate it - yum!

That solves so many problems...

And when you take into effect the restaurant this sign is on that makes it even funnier.

that's...oddly specific. I just get this image of him leaping over the rail screaming "Sur-PRIIISSSE!!!"

Is this where Moffat does most of his writing? Did Russel T Davies used to frequent coffee shops there? Because in both cases, it ALWAYS ENDS IN TEARS.

Yes this is a real sign I saw one when I passed a penitentiary in the desert!!