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In order to restore the ratio of calcium and phosphorus in our blood, and to enable minerals to bond to our teeth, it is not enough to just avoid eating too many sweet or processed foods. We must also eat health-building foods, containing copious amounts of minerals and vitamins that will build a glassy hard tooth structure. - See more at:

What is the difference between an implant supported denture and a traditional denture? #Dentaltown #DentalImplants

Want to replace all your teeth on the top or bottom but don't want removable dentures? These Hybrid appliances screw down onto implants and don't come in or out! Very cool, and can be placed the same day of extractions.

what probing depths mean

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You would drink too if you were a dental assistant. Who stresses out dental assistants the most; the dentist, the team, or the patients? #Dentistry #Dental #Hygienist

Irregularly spaced teeth, bite problems, and a popping jaw are all signs that a patient might need braces. Check out this infographic from an orthodontist in New York City to learn about braces options, including traditional metal braces and Invisalign.

Snowman's dentures! Love this, especially for us here in Anchorage, Alaska

Periodontal disease can affect your diabetes and body. Diabetes makes you more likely to get serious gum disease. Your gums pull away from your teeth, and your teeth can loosen or fall out. Dentaltown - Patient Education Ideas

Dentists typically recommend that their patients come in for a visit once every six months. Check out this infographic from a family dentist in Frederick, Maryland, to learn about common dental questions and the truth behind oral hygiene myths.