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  • Alicia Walrod

    DIY Wallflowers Scented Plugin - Awesome idea! May need some researching first b

  • Shannon Spears

    make it yourself less toxic wall flowers...

  • Kinsey Lytle

    DIY Wallflowers Plugin without the VOCs and other toxins. Refill with essential oils (i.e. peppermint, orange, lavender, cinnamon, lemon, jasmine, rose, clary sage, etc.)

  • Jaymie Derden

    Natural scented air fresheners with essential oils!

  • Amanda Hussey

    refill wallflowers with essential oils for more natural scent

  • Denise Reiland

    Replace liquid in wallflowers with natural essential oils...OMG!!!!!! what a money saver!

  • Dalia Hanson

    DIY scented plugins, that arent harmful

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