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Scientific American: A New Pathway to Reach Totally Carbon-Free Hydrogen Fuel | An interesting look at where we are with non-CO2 transport fuels: Fuel cell vehicles produce zero tailpipe emissions, but the entire hydrogen production stream needs to be low-carbon


11 Kinetic Energy Innovations, Free Green Energy

11 Kinetic Energy Innovations, Free Green Energy - In the quest for eco-friendly gadgets and toys, we are seeing more and more designs that utilize kinetic energy. In addition to helping the planet,...

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Wave Energy technology produces both clean water and clean energy

"Instead of generating electricity at sea and sending it to shore, a different kind of wave energy device is in the works in Australia, and it promises to deliver not only emissions-free electricity, but also emissions-free desalinated water." (Markham D,

the Pelamis wave energy converter. This is perhaps the most advanced device for long period waves such as those in the North Pacific ocean. The Finavera Ltd. company has a nice movie of their wave energy project proposed in Oregon. There are many different wave energy converters and no clear leader in technology. The power density from wave energy farms appears to be about 2 MW/km2. We expect wave technology to stabilize and become a reliable power source in about ten years, by 2020.

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Flexible material can charge devices while you move

The fibres could be used in '3D textile structures' such as medical textiles and highly breathable sportswear. This is the first 3D textiles for piezoelectric energy harvesting

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ABB Advance Makes Renewable-Energy Supergrids Practical

Supergrids A high-power circuit breaker could finally make DC power grids practical. At ABB’s lab in Sweden, equipment such as corona shields—polished disks linked to form spheres—are used to test a high-voltage DC circuit breaker.