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Lia Marie Johnson

Lia Marie Johnson

First pic of my photo shoot for today!! I am having so much fun! Btw They are trying to find a new model ,anyone wanna apply for the job?- Connor

How come every guy I like doesn't like me back?I keep asking myself that everytime.I really like Jason,but he doesn't feel the same way. *tears up and looks down* No guy ever likes me back I guess I was wrong 2 think Jason would be different. *looks at her arm*- Lia

Hi I'm Lia I'm 16 I'm a Hunter myself but I use my daggers and I have a older brother, our parents are dead so yea my mom did work for snow but something happened .. my dad was a blacksmith and when he died me and my brother took over the shop so ... Single introduce?

Hey I'm Lia!I'm 16 and single,I love 2 cheer,listen 2 music,model,and swim.I have 2 brothers and a sister.I do get claustrophobic sometimes,but I mostly get it if I'm left alone for more than a hour. Introduce?

Lia Marie Johnson