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    You're offered a free meal! Which of the following do you choose?

    • Emma Chartier

      (16 signs that Matt Smith is YOUR Doctor) You have unusual dietary tastes. I have tried fishfingers and custard it tastes fine.

    • Hannah SuperWhoLockian

      The gang eating fish fingers and custard!! I literally just tried it and it was amazing... I expected it to be gross but it was amazing. :)

    • Elena Foppiani

      A meal with Amy, The Doctor and Rory: fish fingers and custard!!!! (Karen Gilliam, Matt Smith and Arthur Darvill)

    • Amanda Carpenter

      Wonderful moment. Amy, Rory and the Doctor eating fish fingers and custard together :)

    • T. Girl :)

      Saturday nights will have to be spent on the sofa when it's Doctor Who season.

    • Andrea Leigh

      The gang eating fish fingers and custard!! I need to try it :)

    • Paige Himes

      The gang eating fish fingers and custard!! This episode!!!!

    • Morgan Mayfield

      The Ponds and the Doctor eating fish fingers and custard :)

    • . ValJoy .

      Eating fish fingers and custard with the family haha! (gif)

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    who is the woman in the shop? who was she that the doctor trusted her enough to give her his phone number?

    Doctor Who <-- not to be a Whovian (my sister will disown me, no offense to all the good sirs and ladies who are), but I agree. Fairyland looks nothing like that, in Fairyland in never snows unless its vanilla ice cream, i know, i've been.

    Fish fingers & custard!!

    Fish Fingers and Custard.

    Fish fingers and custard.

    #fish fingers and custard

    Fish Fingers and Custard night at the Ponds' house. ♥

    A promise on fish fingers and custard.

    "Fish finger" cookies and custard! #doctorwho AWESOME!

    Ladies 11th Doctor Who Shirt: Doctor Who Juniors T-shirt<< one of the pics say come along pond! OMG STOP THAT FEELS TRAIN ITS RUN ME OVER ENOUGH TIMES ALREADY!!!!!!!!

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    Tardis.jpg (500×500)

    "Fingers on lips!!"

    I may have laughed a bit too much.

    So cute!! Doctor Who finger puppets :)

    Doctor Who

    The Doctor

    Doctor Who

    I ♥ ♥ the Doctor