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tapete colorido

Helical Motion of our Solar System as we spin along an arm of our Galaxy www.thecrystalgridnetwork.com

happythings: neonfeverandiscolights: The magic that is stained glass (via neonfeverandiscolights-deactiva)

La spirale du Sahara - Desert Breath by architects Alexandra Stratou and Stella Constantinides, and artist Danae Stratou in the Egyptian sands

Spiral Clocktower - photo taken by By Sam Rohn - 360° Photography

"The symbol of the Wise Woman traditionally is a spiral. A spiral is a cycle as it moves through time. A spiral is movement around and beyond a circle, always returning to itself, but never at exactly the same place. Spirals never repeat themselves. The spiral is the path of the earth. The spiral is your individual life. The spiral is the passage between worlds: birth passing into death passing into birth. ~Susun Weed, Artwork by Gaia Orion

Scott Fraser. Peeled. Oil on board, 27" x 8.25". Brilliant for its juxtaposition of tangible realism with incredulity! Nice design, too.

spiral art: blue spiral © Gill Hobson 2011

Celtic Triskele (Triple Spiral) Stone Carving, Newgrange, Ireland ~ symbolic of the three realms: Land/Sea/Sky or the Triple Goddess (phases of womanhood): Maiden/Mother/Crone

Octopus tentacle [explore] (by Grégory Thiell) #octopus #red #tentacle #suckers #detail #photo

Inspirational Patterns that can be interpreted by #SICIS The Art Mosaic Factory and be created into a custom #mosaic

This card pretty much sums up the plot of my psychological thriller The Silver Tattoo: http://www.amazon.com/Silver-Tattoo-Laura-Treacy-Bentley-ebook/dp/B00C5K2542/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&sr=8-2&qid=1419695919

Patterns in nature – repinned by www.earthangel-family.de

Architectural Spirals All these beautiful photographs were taken by other Flickr members. List of named artists at linked page

Spiral Patterns in Nature and in History, the spiritual world didn't disappear just because technology arrived

❧ Animaux de la campagne ❧

this is a great example of pattern because it is has a lot of repitition and is very predictable that it will keep the same pattern going through out the picture and it has the same spiral pattern

Wunder der Natur

Not sure why it's called the "Dark Side" but I sure am liking the movement in this piece...

Spiral ~ Nigel Slack

A Spiral Fractal is a Fibonacci Sequence - There are many of them! Look closer to the finest details . . .