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Wood combs (roman age) - Pettini in legno di epoca romana - from Piazza Municipio - Naples, Archaeological Museum | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Rom, Via del Teatro di Marcello, Fasces/Liktorenbündel am Marcellus-Theater (fasces/lictors' bundles at the Theatre of Marcellus)

THIS IS a famous, intensely evocative photo, taken in 1894, of Alexander Graham Bell, Annie Sullivan and Helen Keller (seated). Bell introduced Keller to her famous teacher.

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The Statue of Liberty’s face before it was installed, 1886

The Statue of Liberty's face before it was installed. 1886

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The insane mess of telephone wires over New York in the 1880’s [3 pictures]

The insane mess of telephone wires over New York in the 1880′s These photos of a morass of telephone wires in New York City were taken in 1887 and 88, only a little more than 10 years after the telephone was first patented…

Statues of a Ptolemaic queen and of the god Hapi are cleaned on board a ship.From the sunken city of Alexandria

Remains of a colossal statute of the Emperor Constantine, Corrivetti Roma.Cortile interno del Palazzo dei Conservatori al Campidoglio.

This looks like a 'persona' or theatrical mask, inspired by ancient Greek design. from -- an awesome site for pictures of Rome!

Marcus Aurelius on horseback, AD 164-166. This is the only complete bronze equestrian statue to have survived from antiquity. It was believed to be a statue of Constantine in the middle ages, so it was not melted down and reused. However, the head has been identified as Marcus Aurelius'. The statue is an example of naturalism, and the contrast of texture between skin and curly hair favored during Antonine rule. Originally, it was gilded.