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Picture of An aerial view of Leptis Magna in Libya

A Roman Dinner Party. Artwork by Richard Hook.

a Roman merchant ship entering port


Ancient Roman Homes - Domus, Insulae, Villa - Crystalinks


Gods and Goddesses

Illustration of the five Roman crowns awarded to military personnel during the Republican period and early Roman empire: Civica, Muralis, Graminea or Obsidionalis, Vallaris and Navalis. See below for full explanation of each.

Atrio di domus romana.

Teatro Marcello, and remains of temple Apollo Sosianus, Rome,

Templi del Palatino

Painting of Caligulas party ship. Recently 2 were discovered at the bottom of a small lake in Rome. They were described as floating palaces.

Roman oil lamp from the 1st century CE.

The Stella Noviomagi, the seaworthy replica of a Roman wine ship in harbour at Trier (Augusta Treverorum), Germany.

Histoire des Romains - Victor Duruy

Roman corbita

The Roman Empire Transport System

A Roman Marble Acroterion, Perhaps Depicting Attis.

Pompeii, Italy.

Roman road on Blackstone Edge Moor

Trajan's Market and location of Trajan's Temple

Trajan's Market and Temple, and the Basilica Ulpia and Trajan's Column. The location of the temple as shown here has since been disproven by excavations done in 1998 to 1999.

Evolution of the Roman helmet, from the I cent. BC to the II cent. AD.

Mercado de Trajano, precursor de nuestros centros comerciales