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30 Times When Cake Was The Best Way To Fix An Awkward Situation. I can't stop laughing!!

- Napoleon in Napoleon Dynamite (2004) ugh I hate chickens. Especially when they have large talons.


I laughed way to hard.

big bang theory

Hahaha this would be me. Lol


Funny pics


This. This is so true


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The Swan Princess, teaching little girls about how men don't think before they speak since 1994... I think that girl character is awesome. This was my favorite movie for a long time...this def was a different kind of Disney movie :)

Yep. I've done it.

I'd love to read a story about Dorothy taking the red brick road... Someone should make this happen!!!


Aww :( Poor Gabriel lol. Honestly I first thought of Gabriel from Supernatural when I saw that lol XD

Back in the day, Trix cereal used to be little fruit shapes. Now, they're just round and boring. What if they're still fruit shaped, but I just can't see them because I'm a silly adult rabbit and Trix are for kids?!?!