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Goddess of Japanese mythology, which is said to be the sun was deified. Wildly angry Amaterasu Susanoo is a younger brother God, become muffled closed in the cave called amano-iwato. World by the sun god Amaterasu has had hidden wrapped in darkness, various disaster has had occurred.太陽を神格化したといわれている日本神話の女神。弟神であるスサノオの乱暴に怒ったアマテラスは、天岩戸と呼ばれる洞窟の中に閉じ籠ってしまう。太陽神であるアマテラスが隠れてしまったことで世界は暗闇に包まれ、様々な災いが発生してしまった。

「天下統一クロニクル」/「kempin」のイラスト [pixiv]

Image d'anime tenka touitsu chronicle 'o'ne long hair tall image blush looking at viewer blue eyes light erotic breasts fringe twintails bare shoulders large breasts sky cloud (clouds) inscription cleavage signed pleated skirt no bra 496977 fr