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China Toy Factory Michael Wolf - globalisation, what is the supply chain for a product, cheap labour, working conditions, becoming a responsible consumer

Clothes on your back: Inside a garment factory. Children working in garment factories in India. #inequality #EthicalFashionRevolution

Ernö Vadas - Factory, Budapest, Hungary, 1955

Workers at American Woolen Co., 1935 (Margaret Bourke-White)

grupaok: Andreas Gursky, cane weavers in a furniture factory, Nha Trang, Vietnam, 2004

Antonelli Industries, Rifle, a Ski Goggles Factory, Employs Fourteen Workers Most of Whom Are Farm Wives, 01/1973 by The U.S. National Archives, via Flickr

An unidentified woman who worked at the Four Wheel Drive factory in Clintonville assembling trucks during World War I. She is wearing a special uniform for women workers (c.1918). #vintage #WW1 #homefront

Clothing factory (Les Createurs de La Mode 1910 - 66- Ateliers de Fourrures)

Teddy Bear Factory. Job description: that would be early toy maker.

"Every choice you make has an end result." ~ Zig Zigler ~ Selfish choices may feel good short-term, but in the long-term - you may later realize that you were actually digging your own grave.

▶ The clothes on your back: factory kids in the garment maze of #Dhaka, #Bangladesh. See, listen, learn. It doesn't have to be this way.

Harry McShane, of Cincinnati. 16 years old on June 29, 1908. Had his left arm pulled off near shoulder, and right leg broken through kneecap by being caught on belt of a machine in Spring Works factory in May 1908. Had been working there more than 2 years. Was on his feet for first time after the accident the day this photo was taken. He died in Cincinnati one month short of his 86th birthday. Despite his injuries and disability, he worked for the railroad for many years. by Lewis Wickes Hine