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The official site of Lauren Conrad is a VIP Pass. Here you will get insider knowledge on the latest beauty and fashion trends from Lauren Conrad.

Another gal cool to ride around the city or trails with.... again, you see I it's not about looking super cute first and foremost - it's mostly about function and fun, not frills and flats on the feet / "Omigod I think I might be sweating!?

Wonderful old fashioned bike meets cool girl with lose nautical top, a no nonsense kind of skirt and pair of fashionable old pumps to finish.

A Pessimists who recently converted to being an optimists. A Happy girl who lives in a sad world and daydream in order to escape. A logical person who believes in fairies and unicorns. A Bad painter who loves art. A 26 years old girl who's heart is only

This is a place where I reblog pics and videos I find on Tumblr that I like (think the name gives away the kind of thing). Original content and stuff from other parts of the web can be found on my main Tumblog @ davewellbeloved.

This is your classic Dutch bike, a sweeping curved frame and refined upright posture make it the elegant choice for trips to the market or just riding down the boulevard. AVAILABLE IN TWO FRAME SIZES: