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Bronze snail -

Interesting and forgotten - the life and curiosities of past eras. - Brothers de Bry. 16th century. Alphabet and engravings.

"15 still life photography ideas that will blow your mind." I've already attempted at most of these but subject matter & composition are endless with possibilities!

Wellcome Library, London A Vanitas tableau of a life sized head, on one side resembling Queen Elizabeth I, the other half a skull with attendant insects and reptiles, made from wax. 18th Century

Dated 1761 Memento Mori of a carved wooden coffin, enclosing a skeleton in shroud, with ivory skull set behind glass. The detachable lid ins...

A memento mori as New Year greeting, about 1500 "Hans KVRCZ" is inscribed, on the mirror: "ZIT BRINGT ALLE DING"

An western Swiss ivory and wood memento mori (Tödlein), c.1520; a skeleton, symbol of death, half-eaten by various creatures, lies within a coffin. (Museum Schnütgen)