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Arch_Seraph_Lucifer: As a servant of the One and Only, I wish to do all I can to see the world flourish. I wield my power to bring the light of life to all, be they man, god, or demon.

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Transcendent Angel or maybe a deity / Wings are only shown when using full power / Heavy user of swords / Wings are capable of absolute defense /

「進撃のバハムート イラスト」の画像検索結果

animal animal_on_shoulder armor bird bird_on_shoulder blonde_hair brown_eyes full_armor gauntlets hawk holding holding_sword holding_weapon outdoors shingeki_no_bahamut solo spaulders sword tachikawa_mushimaro weapon

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Kawacy is a Japanese Artist Who Makes Fantastical Fanart and Comics - аниме фотки

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Fantasy House Decor Angel Knight with Majestic Wings Spiritual Superior Power Imagination Art Print Petrol Blue Gray Dining Room Kitchen Rectangular Table Cover Home

Touken Ranbu | Mutsunokami Yoshiyuki

Mutsunokami Yoshiyuki Kanrai's fiersome cousin (the older of the two) who died in the attack. He appears often in her consience. He loved him dearly and had a brotherly bond.

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Aleda,Knightress of the White Angels,keeper of the Chain of Submission,welder of the Lance of Burning Light.

anima: Ebudan warrior by `Wen-M on deviantART

lots to do in this month, so im uploading whenver i get online instead of the wensday schedule, XD wallpaper anima: Ebudan warrior