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ahhahaha. I take this as both meanings: 1. When i want to do stuff online here, it's too slow and inconsistent. 2. When i want to do other things, I waste time on the internet. It's a paradox!

LVC people would know and understand this..I've never had doors held for me for more than 30 seconds anywhere but there.

This is all of our life stories.

'Should I add more liquor?' is the most ridiculous question I've ever been asked.

That's it? Three likes and one comment? That shit was brilliant, people. BRILLIANT.

Who was the 1st lady to shave her legs & instill in us that hairy legs are gross???? It's her fault we must have hairless legs!!!

Being a parent means knowing how to unwrap a Snickers without making any noise.

i define wine not by it's age in years, but by it's price. Five dollars and under is fine with me.

Sometimes I forget to change the captions on my pins and worry people will think I really said that.

Yes, damn you pinterest! but then again thank you for making me forget about all the shit I need to do so I am less stressed for at least a little while :)