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  • Eden Whitley

    Nothing brightens up a room like your absence. tehe. true story bro. ;]

  • Heather Mathis

    ahh so true regarding some people in my life!

  • Sarah

    Some people just brighten up a room when they leave it.

  • Amber Rudolf

    Nothing brightens up a room like your absence. Haha, this reminds me of an old roommate I used to have.

  • Brittany O'Gradee

    ohhhh the absence of some people......

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ahhahaha. I take this as both meanings: 1. When i want to do stuff online here, it's too slow and inconsistent. 2. When i want to do other things, I waste time on the internet. It's a paradox!

LVC people would know and understand this..I've never had doors held for me for more than 30 seconds anywhere but there.

Pinterest makes me like people Ive never met... Facebook makes me dislike people I know in real life.

When you sweat getting dressed & your garments look like they are screaming in pain, it's too late. You look like a snausage.

I dont always lose my phone... but when I do, it's always on silent | Reminders Ecard

i define wine not by it's age in years, but by it's price. Five dollars and under is fine with me.

And then there's the train-wreck-reality-show quality to your life I can't drag myself away from--cause it's really real for real

Opinionally---that's the prime problem frogman--you never admit to being WRONG. Try again to justify your weird, peculiar introverted nature in contrast to the normal populus. I can be introverted too---but at least I can admit to being wrong if I find out I'm wrong.

I always want only two things: lose weight and eat. | Confession Ecard |

You know that amazing feeling when you go to bed knowing your entire house is clean? Ya, neither do I.

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Hon, I know where we keep everything in the house. I live here, remember? Said no husband ever.