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    • Wanda Willis

      Book Review: The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy AND Goth Girl By: Barry Lyga Book Review By: Brittany Perez Date: March 22, 2014. There are three things that Fanboy wants more that anything in this world. The first is a Giant-Size X-Men #1, from the 1970s! Oh yeah! Secondly, a new computer, "Multiprocessor","maxed-out memory slots and wireless everything" , and thirdly well you will just have to find out. Did your interest peak a little? Let me tell you little more a more about the life of "Fanboy". For 15-year-old comic book geek Donnie, aka "Fanboy", things are going from bad to worse. He keeps getting bullied in school, relentlessly. As he deals with his daily struggles nobody seems to notice the event that is unfolding right before their eyes or they are and are just ignoring it. Or did someone see? For Fanboy game of dodgeball in gym class turns into a target match,one boy throwing consistently at Fanboy hitting him and thinking it is funny while it hurts him. Did anyone see? For Fanboy it just looked like flash of white and black from the bleachers. Fanboy "ignores" those who choose to say things and fantasize about what he would do to them instead but not act on it, because to him publishing his graphic novel is more important.To make things more complicated for Fanboy parents are divorced and now hmother is pregnant with the "step-fascist's" baby. "The List" of people he'd rather have far away from his school keeps getting bigger and bigger. And now, his only friend Cal is becoming more obsessed with sports than comic books. Fanboy has several tools that help him in his struggle with high school survival. He carries in his pocket a bullet (understandably not the best best option), which is like a security blanket; just knowing it's there soothes him. But the thing that gets him through it all is his graphic-novel SCHEMATA. He believes that if he shows his work to the famous author Bendis, he'll get signed and will show all the people who have done him wrong as well as his mother and "step-fascist's". When Fanboy gets a anonymous IM from Promeatha387 asking, "Why do you let him hit you?" Promeatha is the name of an Alan Moore comic book character, and it immediately gets Donnie's attention.Promeatha387 turns out to be Kyra, aka "Goth Girl, "who wears all black and has black dyed hair", and has porcelain white skin (The flash of white and black?). Donnie aka "Fanboy" comes to retrieve his nickname. She calls him his for this taste in comics and his personality that is "low,sardonic,defensive". Goth Girl becomes a encouraging influence on Fanboy, she encourages to continue his graphic novel, she becomes a better friend to him than a Cal, with more in common interest and helps Fanboy understand and figure who he is. Author Barry Lyga, "a recovering comic book geek,", has for growing up on a steady diet of comic books he clearly did not get any "brain rot", and his passion for comics shine through in this very well written teen fiction. The characters are relatable on different levels and different areas. If you like comic books, teen fiction and drama, its a good read and the authors passion clearly shines through.

    • Kim Christensen

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