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Inanna, Great Goddess of Sumeria by Thalia Took

The Goddess Inanna in breast-offering pose. As early as 3500 B.C.E. Inanna was worshiped as the great Goddess of Sumeria. Also known as Queen of Heaven and Earth, Priestess of Heaven, Light of the World, First Daughter of the Moon, Righteous Justice, Holy Shepherdess, and Loud Thundering Storm.

Inanna and her boat of heaven

INANNA / Bastien Lecouffe Deharme A personal interpretation of Inanna, the summerian goddess who came back from the underworld.

Inanna, Queen of Heaven by Judith Shaw

Inanna, Queen of the Night, Sumerian mythology

Inanna, by Katlyn Breene I say "Hail!" to the Holy One who appears in the heavens! I say "Hail!" to the Holy Priestess of Heaven! I say "Hail!" to Inanna, Great Lady of Light! Hymn to Inanna, C. 2000 B.C.

Spiritual being: The Sumerian Goddess Inanna is the story of the initiation of women. Every step of the way she is confronted with the death of the old way of being. She eventually emerged possessed of her own power , Her own authority. Acting as an agent of her own healing journey Inanna makes the trip to the underworld to meet her sister , Ereshkigal.The relationship between the two sisters is strained and cold. Her sister is a symbol of all Inanna's hopes and dreams that have...

Inanna (Ishtar) Queen of Heaven and Earth