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  • Terry Tinker

    Slinky, slinky, it's a wonderful toy. Slinky, slinky for every girl & boy.

  • ~ Osgoodgirl ~

    Slinky, Slinky........trying and trying to get it to go all the way down the basement stairs

  • Christine Jennings .¸¸.•´¯`»✈

    Slinky. I remember the jingle too "t's Slinky It's Slinky, For fun it's a wonderful toy, It walks downnstairs, alone or in pairs, And makes a Slinkaty sound, A Spring A Spring A marvelous thing, Everyone knows it's Slinky It's Slinky It's Slinky For fun it's a wonderful toy It's fun for a girl or a boy

  • Liliane

    In 1943, the idea for the Slinky toy originated when engineer Richard James dropped a tension spring on the ground and saw how it moved. The first Slinky toys were sold in 1945 at Gimbel's Department Store in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. And since then, stairs have never been left alone.

  • Duchess Martin

    Slinky - metal, of course. Walking them down the stairs was always the most fun thing to do with them.

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it's slinky... it's slinky... fun for the girls and the boys

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