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    We would totally get Captain America! Airicca

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    • Susan Rodriguez

      The Avengers in Houses: Thor, Captain America, Bruce Banner/Hulk, Iron Man: So accurate. (I want this crossover more than words can say.)

    • Haley Kottra

      Thor, Captain America, Bruce Banner, and Tony Stark sorted into Harry Potter houses. AHHH SUPERHEROES OR HARRY POTTER?

    • Rachel Sutherland

      The Avengers in Hogwarts' Houses thor - gryffindor, captain america - hufflepuff, hulk - ravenclaw, and iron man - slytherin. Moral of the story: Everything can be tied back into Harry Potter.

    • Corrine La France

      The Avengers in Houses: Thor, Captain America, Bruce Banner/Hulk, Iron Man: So accurate. Harry Potter is for everyone!!!

    • Mary Retzlaff

      The Avengers in Hogwarts' Houses: Thor = Gryffindor; Captain America/Steve Rogers = Hufflepuff; Hulk/Bruce Banner = Ravenclaw; Iron Man/Tony Stark = Slytherin... Makes sense. PAHAHAHAH Captain America is a pansy.

    • Calla

      The Avengers in Hogwarts houses. Captain America in Hufflepuff! Yeah!!!! I knew there had to be somebody else who was cool in Hufflepuff

    • Madison Gray

      The Avengers meet The Houses of Hogwarts. CAPTAIN AMERICA IS A HUFFLEPUFF!!!!! YES!!!

    • Jenny Peters

      The Avengers in Hogwarts houses. Mixed fandoms

    • Kelley Parvis

      Avengers, Assemble! Potions, page 394.

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