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The United States of YA map - How many states have you read?

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Sabrina (1954)


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Crazy, Stupid, Love. (2011)

seen it so many times!

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Pirate Radio (2009)

This movie has an excellent soundtrack!

Compare/contrast the novel with this Academy Award winner for Best Picture film version of "Gone with the Wind." Life during the Civil War as seen from the POV of white Southern plantation owners. The novel and film form a "Duet Model" of text sets, in which students can compare/contrast storytelling techniques and craft.

MARY POPPINS - Julie Andrews is wonderful as Mary Poppins - practically perfect in every way ;-)

Teen Witch (1989) oh my gosh I just lost my breath a little bit first I saw one of my most favorite movies ever.... then I saw you put it up!!!!! LOVE you KATIE!!!!!!

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The Descendants (2011)

<3 the Descendants

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Garden State (2004)

Garden State (Zach Braff)