So pretty and so smart. Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Looks just like our "Reggie".

Big Bully

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Random Funny Pictures – 40 Pics AWEAWEAWE

WELSH CORGI PUPPY <- this is why I'm finding it very hard to maintain my 'never getting a dog' - as this is the breed Felix KEEPS requesting: You'Ve Got Mail, Corgi Puppies, Corgi S, Special Delivery, Mailbox, Adorable Animal

Funny Pictures Of The Day

Made me laugh so hard, that's way too cute!!!!

Miles the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Now how could I possibly be expected to resist a corgi named Miles????

Reminds me of Fuego and Arey when they "cuddle"

♥ #corgi

<3 Corgi!



Obsessive Corgi Disorder: Pensive and stumpy.

Corgie & Thor Thorgi dog, with Hammer of Thunder Mjölnir. I want a Lorki dog after Loki Via B for Bel like an internet sleepover

Moon Moon at the beach. Moon Moon, get your face OUT of the freaking sand!!!

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another heart explosion ... can only handle so many of these in one day!

doggie superman costume