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Photos: 2015 Golden Globes red carpet

Celebrity fragrances can be hit or miss, but they're always fun to try! Which one suits you best? Take our helpful quiz to find out! #QCMakeupAcademy #makeup #makeupquiz #fragrance #celebrityfragrance #beautyquiz #beautyblog

Hit or Miss?~A Jacob Sartorius Fanfiction - Chapter One~ The New Guy In Town

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Kate Beckinsale in Vivienne Westwood and vintage Bochic earrings at the Costume Designers Guild Awards in Beverly Hills.

Hey, I'm Ebenenzer Odinson. Obviously I just go by Eben. I'm the son of Jane and Thor. I managed to inherit the combined stubbornness of both of them, just a warning. I'm still a nice guy though. My parents have been letting me live on Earth for the past few years, and I love it. I do miss home though. I have a bit of my dad's powers, on a lesser scale, obviously, and my mom's brains. If you want a riveting conversation about science or want to hit someone with some lightening, I'm your guy.

Pre-order my new single, "Hit or Miss" this Monday! Or you can download it on July 25th! Thank you for all the support!!! Check out the cover art on my Instagram (JacobSartorius)

I've been a huge fan of sweater dresses for years and love that they are getting an edge this season. This one that Ashley Tisdale is wearing is from Planet Blue "Pencey." I found that this particular style, however, probably works best on petite women as the length is a bit shorter.