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Face your Fears and you control your destiny... freedom from fear is accepting that only your body can die whereas the Real You will never die for you are immortal and death is merely a release into your real existence... you are here to learn, that is your PURPOSE and you will come back many, many times before you learn all that is necessary - FEAR NOTHING... just get 'er done ;-)

Etsyfrom Etsy

Werewolf Print


"A female Kierrn (my own brand of werewolf) senses that someone, or something, has entered her territory. She perches on a stump, scenting the wind, not liking what she smells.

The Irish werewolf is different from the Teutonic or European werewolf, as it is really not a “monster” at all. Unlike its continental cousins, this shapeshifter is the guardian and protector of children, wounded men and lost persons. According to some ancient sources, the Irish werewolves were even recruited by kings in time of war. Known in their native land as the faoladh or conroicht, their predatory behaviour is typical of the common wolf, not beneath the occasional nocturnal ra

No gentle lupine has ever sat down to type out a manual on werewolf etiquette. Good manners must be learned the hard way: by inadvertently pissing off stronger wolves. -@AuFleecer