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Maria and Howard Stark with little Tony.  (Art by rennerei)

rennerei:Maria, Howard, and lil’ Tony Stark. This is terribly fluffy and I apologize, I have no control over what I draw

You step out that door...

You step out that door...

Spiderman finally becomes an Avenger<-- I am crying from laughing at this! Spider will do anything!

Tony stark and the Avengers

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also notice that, right beside the shawarma place, is Farmers Insurance, so it's like this: Farmers covers all damage that might come from random Superhero battle scenes, (narrowly avoids getting hit as the Hulk throws a car)

where's wanda, sam, vision, and scott(ant man)???

The Avengers<<Can we have a version with Bucky, Peggy, Sam, Jane, and Darcy? (And maybe Selvig too)

Captain obviously forgot what game he was playing.Look at him and Bucky.

Card Kissing Game by sconeo Steve: Bucky your turn Bucky: No. Steve: Yes Bucky: NO STEVE xx sam and natasha though

"Language." I love how fans depict every little scene in the movies.

I thought we already knew Steve's language thing is all due to a combo of Bucky and Whedon's characterization choices. The funny thing is that in one of the pictures Deadpool is the one to tell Bucky to watch his language.