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New Halo Pelican Model. by The-TNT-Studios

Here is the new Model of a Halo Pelican we've been able to start using! (Halo 3 version) We hope to start using it soon in our Halo: Reach Web-Comic . New Halo Pelican Model.

Halo_Reach_Warthog_by_advancedspartan.jpg (1191×670)

Halo_Reach_Warthog_by_advancedspartan.jpg (1191×670)

HALO Frigate

Two UNSC Frigates in orbit over the planet Reach Screencapped from Halo: Reach Multiplayer map 'Anchor

John and Cortana

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Isaac Hannaford Halo

Isaac Hannaford Space Ship Guru: Halo 3 manual/promotional sketches and the Frigate Andraste