Pocket Princesses #36 YESS PRINCESS LEIA IS A PRINCESS TOO!! Plus Disney is taking over Star Wars :))

Leia joins the Disney Pocket Princesses, not sure how I feel about this whole Star Wars/Disney thing, but this is cute

Deux rebelles - Mulan  Merida

Day Favorite Disney Heroine: I couldn't choose between these two! My favorites. They are the meaning of heroine. Merida and Mulan

how frozen should have ended

I'm also pretty certain Elsa is the love child of rogue and iceman. Perhaps Frozen only happened because the xmen movies made them a couple.since they aren't in the comics.

Even though this is just a basic brown dress, I’d wear it. Plus those shoes: hawt.

A Definitive Ranking Of 72 Disney Princess Outfits


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If Disney Princesses Had Instagram, The World Would Be A Better Place

If Disney Princesses Had Instagram, The World Would Be A Better Place

Pokes fun at social media and Disney with Mean Girls references - you'll laugh, too.

HAHAAA!! So sweet!! The Little Mermaid/Frozen mash-up

Funny pictures about Olaf in the little mermaid. Oh, and cool pics about Olaf in the little mermaid. Also, Olaf in the little mermaid.

Pocket princess #46

Pocket Princesses Last Straw Like the entire rest of the Internet, PP has poked fun at the ‘new look’ a few times now, but this’ll be my last word on the matter. Even though the Princess redesign was for kid’s merchandise and NOT the die-hard.

Oh my gosh I could cry at how beautiful this is...


Frozen Feet Can they please make this a real sequel! While reading this, I pictured Anna on her wedding day with Kristoff. So adorable