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Jay Byars - I've never seen him w/so many clothes on. Since it's a peacoat and his smile is ridiculously cute - I won't complain.

As I summersaulted through the air, surrounded by jagged shards of glass, time seemed to slow. It likes to do that whenever I do something incredibly stupid, just so the world can have a little more time to savor my epicness. And this was definitely one of those times. It seems that when one finds oneself in a secret meeting with two of the most powerful and influential people in the known universe, setting off a smoke bomb might not be the wisest course of action. ~MNC

Plot bunny!!!

"I wonder what it was like?" Luca turned around from the shelf he was inspecting and caught Liz standing in the broken window. Glass littered the floor around her feet. Seeing her standing there, a knife in her hands, she looked like she belonged in this world.