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Maries DIY hand-painted acrylic painting pigments of paint 750 acrylic wall painting pigments of 300ml Item’s description

Cheap full set of nail tools nail art supplies wholesale hand-painted acrylic paint hook line painting pen set - Taobao Taiwan, omnipotent Taobao

Store special treasures in this handmade box, crafted in Copenhagen out of colored plexiglass and Danish wood. A sliding top reveals safely ...

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Maries DIY hand-painted acrylic paints children Graffiti Wall painting painted acrylic stone 12 color set

DIY hand-painted acrylic pigment pigments

The process of making Totem from monument valley four woods 4cm x 4cm x 4cm (I bought them from taobao) 2. Buy acrylic yellowish orange and light blue 3. Start to draft the pattern out (I first print out the paper craft of Totem from Internet) 4. Paint them with yellowish orange and leave the part with pattern empty 5. Let them dry a bit and paint the light blue carefully, cause you don't wanna make big mistake, it's hard to correct it again 6. Then paint the…

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Acrylic paint 16rmb for 300 ml