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    So look at you Virgo! You have all these magnificent traits; Observant, Sympathetic, Organized, Kind, Witty, Efficient...and the list goes on!...

    Zodiac City - I love Virgos! My sister is a Virgo, my best friend is a Virgo, and my mother is Virgo rising ♥

    Zodiac Virgo facts.

    Zodiac Virgo facts. My Mom can verify this little fact! lol

    sad, but true. Though, isn't this true for many people (not just limited to 'Virgos')?

    "Virgos are not really complicated, but at the same time they are. The reason being, on the surface they are so calm, collected, reserved, and down-to-earth. Inside however, there is a WHOLE lot going on especially in their mind. They will usually paint the picture that everything is okay, but they are dealing with a host of things and their own criticisms top the list."

    Virgo are really...

    Virgo-shhh this is one of those nasty little passive-aggressive (sp?) traits, that will slip under your consciousness to cause a stir

    Virgo traits -it all fits



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    virgo facts | Zodiac City - Virgo zodiac facts. It's a shame my children and hubby never learned this....

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    I'm born on the cusp, September 23ed, so I'm a libra/Virgo. Some Virgo traits apply to me but I'm definately a Libra first.

    Except that I am extremely patient, too. But if I'm able to make something happen, I will, and it won't take me long.

    Common Zodiac Traits - Taurus, Libra and Virgo are likely to surprise you the most when they show their anger, mainly because they try to keep it under control.

    VIRGO ... Yap... No matter what we might say or how harsh it sounds... It will always be said in Truth and Love!!

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