So look at you Virgo! You have all these magnificent traits; Observant, Sympathetic, Organized, Kind, Witty, Efficient...and the list goes on!...

"Virgos can go through a lot of bullshit in life without complaining. sometimes they keep themselves busy so they won't go insane" #virgo #quote

virgo fun facts - Google Search, I am not sure I would call this a "fun fact" but it's pretty spot on true

Zodiac City Virgo

Yes..makes most nervous. I have the habit of looking at people's lips when they talk, to make them more at ease..when I feel the uneasiness creeping in.

Introverted virgos…every time someone asks what im doing....its this

~ Virgo ~ August 23 to September 23


Zodiac City - I love Virgos! My sister is a Virgo, my best friend is a Virgo, and my mother is Virgo rising <3

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Zodiac City Easily stressed: Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Aquarius, Pisces.

Zodiac Virgo facts.

Virgo are really...

It's a gift to be able to read people like a book. #Virgo

Virgo-shhh this is one of those nasty little passive-aggressive (sp?) traits, that will slip under your consciousness to cause a stir

Me-Aquarius, daughter-Libra, son-Virgo. This is mostly true.



I'm born on the cusp, September 23ed, so I'm a libra/Virgo. Some Virgo traits apply to me but I'm definately a Libra first.

Alex and Ani Virgo Bangle

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