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She goes unnoticed even when she does something nice . She doesn't like the feeling of being unwanted . She wants a friend a family someone to notice her

Dark angel

Anime picture with rozen maiden suigintou kyurin (sunnydelight) long hair single tall image looking at viewer red eyes standing silver hair holding rain black wings girl dress weapon flower (flowers) sword wings petals

- Но зачем вам Чернокрыл, Рима? - возмутился толстый Коршун - Чтобы жить ним в мире и любви, конечно.

animal anklet arm_up bangle barefoot bird black_eyes black_hair bracelet dress grey_eyes jewelry long_hair magic pixiv_fantasia sash very_long_hair wide_sleeves

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King and Queen of this game called chess and those around them are merely pawns to play

The princess did not like her lessons. She never did. They were dull, and boring, and lacked meaning. The castle stable, on the other hand, that was a different story. The smell, the animals. It was wonderful; And the stable hand! He was wonderful! He made her want to jump up and down and sing and cry all at once.

The princess did not like her lessons. They were dull, and boring, and lacked meaning.

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barefoot blue eyes bow bubble crying cuffs dress fish flower frilled dress frills hair ornament head wreath heterochromia highres iri flina leg ribbon looking at viewer open mouth red eyes ribbon short hair silver hair solo sword girls teardrop tears

Girl of red roses

Roses and blood are a perfect thing, don't you think? << If you look closely, it looks like she's on her period

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