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Exciting black and white photos from DeviantART, presence light shadow exciting color composition black and white photos black and white photography

GypsyMareStudios This photo was taken on September 11, 2012 in Homeville, Cochranville, PA, US, using a Canon EOS REBEL T3i.

Beautiful Horse #LIFECommunity #Favorites From Pin Board #14

just a look from a horses eye can make you under stand what they are going through

Look into this horses eyes, what do you see? Do you see a happy, excited horse, ready for a fun and challenging ride with his rider? Because I DONT! I see a broken sprit, pain, worry, frustration, and helplessness! It's ALL because of us dumb humans, a beautiful horse like this belongs running free, playing with its CARING owner, living a happy life, but instead it's covered with humans contraptions :(

Huge... (by Raphael Macek - Horse Photography, via Flickr) & Stunning !!

Sweet eyes... beautiful brown horse peaking out of her stall #animal

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New Forest Pony by malkv (100,000+ Views Thanks), via Flickr

American Paint Horse western quarter paint horse paint pinto horse Indian pony solid tovero overo frame sabino tobiano rabicano

Would you look at those dapples. I am a sucker for a dapple grey horse!


I think I'd want rustic fences if I ever had horses

"Horseshoe will never bring you happiness and good luck , untill you nail it to your hoot and start to plow like horse"